Unit Stills.

I shoot silently with a Sony A9 and the Sony A7RII.   My kit has a variety of zoom and prime lenses.  My lighting kit includes Profoto B1's strobes with modifiers for an exacting mood.

Proud member of IATSE 669



Current Film Project:

April 2019. “Chesapeake Shores, Season 4”. Hallmark Channel.

April 2-19. “Wedding Belle”. Hallmark Channel.

Completed Unit Stills:

March 2019. “Aurora Teagarden 12”. Hallmark Channel.

March 2019. “Heart of Texas”. Hallmark Channel.

December 2018- March 2019. “Limetown”. 10 Episodes. Facebook.

January 2019. “Aurora Teagarden 11”. Hallmark Channel.

November/December 2018. “Wedding in the Vineyard”. Hallmark Channel.

November 2018. “Aurora Teagarden 10”. Hallmark Channel.

September 2018. “Monkey Beach” Sparrow and Crow Films.

September 2018. "Mingle All the Way”.  Hallmark Channel.

April 2018. "Chesapeake Shores, Season 3".  Hallmark Channel.

May 2018. "Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New". Hallmark Channel.

May 2018 "Possibility".  Shooting stills for props.  Disney.

December 2017. "Frozen in Love." Hallmark Channel.

September 2017 to December2017.  "When Calls the Heart. Season 5". Hallmark Channel.

November 2017. "Two/One".  KHAI Productions.

September 2017.  "Evergreen Inn".  Hallmark Channel.

Sept 2017.  "iZombie".  Warner Bros.

August 2017.  "Buddy Games".  Comedy/Feature.

August 2017.  "Home Warrior".  Hallmark Channel.

August 2017.  "Miss Christmas".  Hallmark Channel.

 July 2017.  "The Sweetest Christmas".  Hallmark Channel.

May - July 2017.  "Chesapeake Shores, Season 2".  10 Episodes. Hallmark Channel.

April 2017.  "The Perfect Bride".  Hallmark Channel

April 2017.  "Marry Me at Christmas".  Hallmark Channel.

February 2017.  "12 days".  Hallmark Channel.

Nov/Dec 2016. "Public Schooled".

November 2016. "When Calls the Heart." Season 4, Hallmark Channel.

October 2016. "William", William Productions.

August 2016. "Autumn in the Vineyard",  Hallmark Channel.

August 2016. "Why We're Killing Gunther",  StarStream Media.

May-July 2016. Chesapeake Shores, 8 episode TV Series, Hallmark Channel.

March-June 2016.  "Project MC2", 13 episode TV Series. Netflix.

April 2016.  "Bad Date Chronicles", Lighthouse Pictures.  

April 2016.  "Stop the Wedding", Hallmark Channel.

March 2016.  "Tulips in Spring", Hallmark Channel.  

March 2016.  "Same Time Next Week",  Lighthouse Pictures.  

February/March 2016. "Scorched Earth",  Lighthouse Pictures.

February 2016. "A Snow Capped Christmas", ACE Productions.

February 2016. "Faint of Heart",  Reel One Entertainment.

February 2016. "The Manny",  Lighthouse Pictures Inc.

January 2016. "Mommy Bloggers", Hallmark Channel.

December 2015. "Boy In the Attic".  Reel One Entertainment.

November 2015. "Centre Stage". Lifetime Television.

October/November 2015. "My Mom Robs Banks". Ace Productions.

October 2015. "Forced Exposure". Reel One Entertainment.

October 2015. "Little Pink House".  Lighthouse Pictures.

October 2015. "Chesapeake Shores/ Pilot".  Daniel L. Paulson Productions, Inc.

September 2015. "Love You To Death".  Odyssey Media Inc.

September 2015. "Christmas Note".  ( day call)  Lighthouse Pictures.

August 2015. "Becoming Santa". Fiance Clause  Productions Inc.

August 2015.  "Abducted Love".  Odyssey Media Inc.

August 2015. "Under Fire".  Odyssey Media Inc.

July 2015. "Murder Unresolved".  Odyssey Media Inc.  

July 2015. "Get Out Alive."  Odyssey Media Inc.

May 2015. "Young, Rich & Desperate".  Reel One Entertainment.

May/June 2015. "Cradle of Lies". Odyssey Media Inc. 

April - July 2015. "Ties That Bind", TV Series, 10 episodes.   Reel One Entertainment and UPtv.com.  Photos:<http://uptv.com/shows/ties-that-bind/photos/>

May 2015.  "All I Want for Christmas". /stills for art department.

April 2015. "Pretty Little Addict". Reel One Entertainment.

March 2015. "Home Invasion". Odyssey Media Inc.

March 2015. "Wedding Itch".  Infectious Films Inc.

March 2015. "Personal Effects". Reel One Entertainment.

December 2014. "Sugar Babies". Reel One Entertainment.

November 2014. "Driven Underground", Odyssey Media Inc. 

September 2014 ."Sara's Choice",  Reel One Entertainment.

Autumn 2010. "The Tall Man", behind the scenes book/ crew gift.